St. Elizabeth’s Guild History:
The St. Elizabeth’s Guild, which has supported the children of the
Archdiocese for almost 40 years, continue its commitment today.
The St. Elizabeth’s Home was in existence in New Orleans for
over 150 years and was a non-profit, state-licensed facility which
cared for girls between the ages of six and eighteen. The Guild,
which was founded in the 1950s, began with the St. Elizabeth’s
Orphanage and continued its support of the girls at the Hope
Haven campus after the closing of the facility on Napoleon
St. Elizabeth’s Guild has seen many changes throughout its
history. The type of children in need of help has evolved through
the years from orphaned to abused, neglected, troubled and
physically and mentally-challenged children. With the closing of
the Hope Haven campus, the Guild’s mission has evolved once
again and continues its commitment to the children’s programs of
Catholic Charities.
The major fundraiser of the Guild is the Volunteer Activist
Luncheon that annually honors ten outstanding community leaders.